There are many ways to Contribute to our efforts to serve the residents of District 3….

Your Good Words…

The biggest help you can provide the George Russell Committee is talking about George to your neighbors and inviting him to visit with them.

Your Time…

If you would like to Donate your Time to the George Russell Reelection Campaign please call us at 508-925-0705.

We could always use your help Hosting a House Party, Knocking on doors, doing standouts and even doing office work or calling voters.

Your Financial Help…

If you would like to make a Financial Campaign Contribution, please mail a personal check to…


The George Russell Committee

30 Dolly Drive, Worcester MA 01604


State Campaign Finance Laws limit Contributions to $500. per person per year, 

as well as Name, Address, and employment information. 

NO Corporate checks are allowed by State Law.

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