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So far this term George has a 100% roll call record at City Council.

George had a perfect 100% roll call during the last term.

George knows the world is run by those who show up.

And George shows up  for the hardworking residents of District 3.

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George Russell has worked with District wide Neighborhood Crime Watch groups to make sure all City Departments and staff address the needs of our area.

He advocated to make sure Grafton, Vernon and Union Hills got the Foot Patrols and other Public Safety efforts as other sections of the City received. When Grafton Hill Businesses saw an up tick of robberies George Russell brought State & City Officials as well as Community Police Officers to meet Business Owners at his personal office to share information and address the problem.

George organized a neighborhood meeting in Quinsig Village to review and support the redevelopment of the US Steel building with the commitment to add about 300 new jobs for Worcester residents.

George has worked with the Congressman, the Mayor, and the City Manager to utilize Federal  Funding  for a make-over of the infrastructure on Union Hill.

George was honored to join other Greenwood Landfill Task Force members recently to unveil the new Greenwood Park.  Over 3 million dollars was invested here mostly because of Neighborhood Members, and many other City officials working together with George to get the needed funding to prioritize this Park.

George Russell also worked with his colleagues and the City Administration to provide much needed park upgrades. District 3 Parks have recently received well over 1 million dollars worth of Capital upgrades, including but not limited to the new Blythewood Playground, the new rectangular field at Greenwood Park, field house construction at Lake Park and much needed corrections at Vernon Park.

He helped secure funding needed to complete the construction of the mostly Federal Funded Visitor’s Center to be constructed in Quinsigamond Village. George helped form a Business Association in Quinsigamond Village and pushed to make the Walmart Way direction signs also show the way to Quinsigamond Village small businesses.

George works with Lake Ave Area residents as well as CSX & State Officials to lessen the negative impact of noise from trains and facilities.

George is leading the charge on the Council to control CSX TRUCK TRAFFIC and it’s effects on our neighborhood. It was George’s idea to install a large MassPike sign directing trucks to Rt. 290 and away from Grafton Hill. With State Rep Donahue’s advocacy, this sign has saved hundreds, if not thousands of trucks from disrupting our quality of life.

On College Hill George helps to improve the quality of life for both the neighbors and Holy Cross students. He attends regular Alliance meetings of City Department representatives, students, faculty, and year round residents to make sure all can live, work and study without any problems.

Vernon Hill and Rice Square Schools has been served well by George’s service as a member of their School Councils. George was presented the Thomas Jefferson Award by Vernon School and the Worcester Public Schools for volunteering. George has supported increases in funding for our schools as well as construction of new schools.

As Past Chairman of the Committee on Rules, George Russell’s leadership has helped City Government now be more open and easier for Citizens to address the Council. George pushed to hold Big Banks responsible for vacant and abandoned foreclosed houses. He pushed for the City to use Local Banks and stop doing business with Big Banks that do not respect our neighborhoods.

It is easier for small businesses to grow and hire more employees now. George was the lead Council sponsor to change the Outdoor Dining Rules so restaurants can serve outside no matter what time off the year it is as long as weather is good. He was also lead sponsor to restructure parking lot approvals to cut some “red tape.” He also lead the effort to restore a property owner’s rights to place political signs on their property as they see fit.

George Russell stands up for businesses and residents who seek fair real estate assessments.

George Russell stood up to interest groups from the Left as they sought the Council’s endorsement to raise taxes. And he also stood up to other interest groups from the Right when they sought to continue unfair advantage at the expense of the City on the Government TV Channel.

For George Russell,

it’s not about being Right or Left…

It’s about being Right or Wrong.

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