Endorsed By

“George Russell has done a great job for District 3. We need him back on the City Council.”

                                                                                                         Paul Clancy of Miscoe Road


Endorsed by your neighbors in District 3 including…

Paul Clancy of Miscoe Road

Dan Donahue of Malmo Road

Joe O'Brien of Tennison St.

Katie Toomey of Keach St.

Tony Vigliotti of Davis Way

John Fresolo of Dolly Dr.

Mike Perotto of Sunderland Rd.

Fran & Jan Sena of Allston Ave.

Robert Pezzella of Greencourt St.

Josh Perro of Minerva St.



James M. O’Brien of Derby St.

Pat Glodis of Greenwood St.

MaryAnn Dube of Oakwood Lane

Maxwell Agyemfra of Vernon St.

Joe Sullivan of Hilton Ave.

Brenda Sena Tomasetta of Marissa Circle

Alex Abdow of Lake Ave.

John V. Comeau III of Vernon St.

Susan & Jack Foley of Fairmont Ave

Vu Huynh of Harold St.



Ruth Rodriguez Fay of Upsala St.

Rodney Perro of Minerva St

Mike Murgo of Duluth St.

Donna Borracino of Massasoit Road

Eric Torkornoo of Massasoit Road

Bill Armstrong of Dutton St.

Margaret & Leo Cappabianca of Blithewood Ave

John F Vigliotti of Vigs Way

Diego Ciccarelli of Lake Ave.

Ben and Bette Parker of Ryberg Terr


Alex Guardiola of Sterling St.

Bruce and Lynda Chansky of Ryberg Terr

Ron Chiras of Davenport St.

Anne Marie & Ed Amorello of Dolly Dr.

Bob Zinkas of Hilton St.

Ed & Joanne Generelli of Sandra Dr.

Jim Zinkas of Trahan Ave

Susan Nuzzolilo of Ernest Ave

Nic and Darcy D'Andrea of Eagan Ave

Marge Beqiri of Victoria Ave.



Susan Aboody of Hilton St.

Eric Brant of Delmont Ave

Earl Turner of Curran Pace

Jim Racicot of Joseph St

Jim Turner of Foxboro St

Pat Foley of Elmire Ave

Kim German of Ernest Ave.

Clay Williams  of Lake Ave

Jena Rovezzi of Fairmont Ave

Mike O’Mara of Orton St.



Shiela Trapasso of Sunderland Rd

Andrea Glass of Houghton St.

Ralph Vigliotti of Cohasset St

Valerie Fleming  of St. Louis St

Joanne Troiano of Short St

Gary Anger of Ideal Road

John Spooner of Utah Street

Thi Le of Granite St

Jason Pinbomb of Epworth St

Kerrie Schofield of Balis Ave



Ken Safo of Sommerset St

Sandra Carlson of Kosta St.

Barbara Germain of Blithewood Ave.

Jim & Joann Morocco of Dearborn St.

Bruce Chansky of Ryberg Terr.

Donald Lorion of Upsala St.

Susan & Don Pibus of Esther St

Paula Malmquist of Revere St.

Mike Marr of Dolly Dr.

Sandra & Mike Grandone of Brightwood Ave.



Nancy Sullivan of Greenwood St.

Mary Leovich of College St.

Karen Taylor of Arborwood Dr.

James O'Brien of Ernest Ave.

Jerry Bianculli of Inverness Ave.

Trish Dawidczyk of Davenport St.

Chip Sena of Rudolf St.

Justine Abdow of Lake Ave.

Tina Belinskas of Dana Ave.

Stephen Foster of Dutton St




Marion Jachimczyk of Kosta St

Don Courtney of Loxwood St.

Jim DiGiorno of Whitla Dr.

Dagma & David Perodeau of Derby St.

Robert Williams of Lake Ave.

Heather Nejaimey of Lake Ave.

Ray Lopolito of Bay Edge Lane

Janice DiStefano of Saint Anthony St. 

David & Lynn DiRoberto of Dolly Dr.

Mariano Conte of Massasoit Road


Susan Nuzzolilo of Ernest Ave.

Jim & Pat O’Loughlin of Duncannon Ave.

Terry Haglin of Massasoit Rd.

Dick Fields of Massasoit Rd.

Sue Naraghi of Commonwealth Ave

Marianne Dodakian-Cavalieri &
Rick Cavalieri of Marissa Circle

Francine and Brian Foley of Dolly Dr.

Maryann Girard of Standish St.

Sheilagh Crotty of Standish St

Mike Riggieri of Park Hill Road

Frank Grocia of Lamar Ave

Devon and Meghann Kinnard of Balis Ave

Deb Beaurgard of Standish St.

Jayne Diliberto of Ida Road

Ken & Effie Jordan of Bruce St.

Kevin Parvin of Bridal Path

Jennifer Roy of Kenberma Road

Jeff Sonnenber of Electric St.

John & Pat Ronco of Lamar Ave.

Denise Thomas of Oakwood Lane



George Kerxhalli of Allston Ave

Elaine Evans of Marissa Circle

Devon & Meghann Kinnard of Balis Dr

Eli Hattar of Vernon St.

Mike Testa of Derby St.

George Markey of Dutton St.

Robin Yancy of Trahan Ave.

Rose Porcaro of Pilgram Ave

Jack Caporelli of Elmire Ave.

Fred Petrone of Tiffany Ave.

George Sakhat of Bay Edge Dr.

Tony Quattela of Lawton St.






Also Supported By…


Central Mass AFLCIO

Carpenters 336

Mass Realtor Political Committee

IBEW 2325 and IBEW 96

Teamsters 170

Plasterers and Cement Masons 584

Crane Operator Engineers IUOE Local 4

Plumbers & Pipe Fitters Local 4

Roofers Local 33

MA & Northern NE Laborers District Council

N. Atlantic States Carpenters 750