"You can always count on me to answer your call or return call within the same day. 

I am always listening and always want to learn about issues that are important to you and your neighbors.

I am always willing to assist you with the issues important to you and  our neighborhoods.  While finding solutions to problems are not always simple and easy, I have always advocated on your behalf, and will continue to do so in the future. 

Constituent service is a very big part of being your District 3 Councilor. 

I almost always know how to try to find the answers and assistance. 

We have highlighted a few of our recent accomplishments below.  I am very proud of the work I have done on your behalf. 

Please take a moment to catch up on what progress we have made. 

With your help and support we will keep up the good work!   

The world is run by those who show up.

George has had a 100% roll call on all City Council votes this year and for many years. George shows up for the residents of D3 in City Hall and in the Neighborhoods.

Public Safety.

Public Safety is a local neighborhood by neighborhood issue. George is right there with all District 3 neighborhood residents as they request attention from the WPD and all City Departments. George knows the importance of Community Policing and works with Area officials to make sure our neighborhoods are safe. In the City Council Chamber at City Hall George has always supported the Police, Fire and other Public Safety Departments when it comes to the Departments’ funding requests. 

Constituent Services. 

When you call George Russell, you get George Russell. 

From going back to George’s years as a volunteer member of the Planning Board and his time as a neighborhood Association President in the Lake Ave area, to his years as a District Councilor… George knows how to get things done. George takes pride in cutting red tape for residents and businesses in D3.


George supports the City's Inclusionary Zoning that will help provide more affordable units without discouraging new development. George authored proposals that if passed would allow In-law style Dwelling units and down payment assistance to 1st Generation Home Buyers. 

Job Creation. 

Before George agrees to support any development he makes sure that Worcester residents are considered for construction as well as long term jobs. Job training and hiring under represented groups is always important to George. Worcester residents deserve a job especially if developers want help from the City in George's opinion. Maybe that’s one reason why so many members of  organized labor support George.


George doesn’t take spending tax dollars lightly. Watch a video of any City Council budget session and see George ask the tough questions that need to be asked. And when the rate is passed George always votes for a rate that protects our residential tenants and home owners.

The pandemic didn’t stop George.

When Covid 19 put most of us locked in our own bubbles, George took a personal initiative to call District residents and business owners to make sure they knew about available Government services and programs. George personally assisted many businesses in D3 that where closed or almost closed to receive financial support they deserved. George also conducted a District wide neighborhood Zoom meeting to keep Health Department and Public Safety communicating with the neighborhoods.


George knows the School Committee and not the Council runs the Schools. He has however supported funding for the schools and advocated for specific building improvements. 

Over the years George has volunteered as a member of the School Council at most of our D3 Schools. The School Department even gave George the Jefferson Award for these efforts.

EAST MIDDLE SCHOOL...George Russell has advocated for Worcester East Middle School to have upgraded Windows and ventilation in this school that currently has plastic Sheets hanging from the inside of the windows to stop the drafts and cold air. After working with all  Councilors. he brought the fight to the Worcester School Committee. He  appeared at the School Committee and Joint Council sub Committee meetings advocating for East Middle.  

George has worked with and lobbied  the State Delegation who earmarked State ARPA funds for the windows.

George will continue to work with School Department and City Staff to see these improvements get done. The kids and educators at East Middle deserve nothing less.

traffic issues

At Roosevelt School, George has worked with area businesses to try to address the safety issues at the Roosevelt School pick up line. George convinced the City Manager to purchase adjacent land on Sunderland Road to ad to the Parking lot. He is now working with School Department Administration identifying funds for the build out. 

George is also encouraging the City Manager to improve pedestrian safety near all schools without charging homeowners for new sidewalks in front of their homes which is what the current City policy is.

George led the fight to deal with CSX trucks.

George advocated and received many major artery improvements including the Rebuild of Hamilton and Greenwood Streets. George work with State leaders to deal with the plans for a new Rt122 Grafton St. George made sure local businesses were treated properly.

Parks are what makes our neighborhoods so special.

George has fought hard to get funding for park improvements in D3. New funding is in place for even more improvements. They include planned new basketball courts for Blithewood and Mulcahy Field as well as Little League field house rebuild at Vernon. Federal ARPA funds have been earmarked by the City Administration for Many of these improvements. 

Almost everywhere you look in District 3 the Parks are in good soon to be great condition.

Have you used the spray park or recent tennis courts at Greenwood? Have you walked over the environmental wonderland of Gateway Park? Have you checked out the Soccer field with lighting and artificial turf at Glodis Field next to the Vernon Hill School. Have you brought your dog to the dog park at Vernon? Have you attended a Baseball Game at Tivnan Field on Lake Ave? Make a point of it to check out these wonderful parks and let George know what you think he should advocate for to improve them even more.

Russell supported the city manager 

for a full contract right from the start.

Everyone knows that under our form of Government here in Worcester that the City Manager is the person who runs City Government Day to Day. 

George is a City Councilor who supported the current City Manager from day one as a permanent City Manager. 

“As the first person of color to sit in the Manger’s chair and a long time City employee, the Manager was the right choice at the right time to bring change needed and keep the City moving in the right direction” George said.

State Law Changes to help Elderly Homeowners on Private Streets

Private Streets are an age-old burden for those who own properties and live on these streets. 

These private streets should have been built to City standards when they were built in the early 1900’s but they where not. To help solve this problem George came up with a proposal for these streets to be converted and to allow elderly home owners put off any payments until the house is sold. It wasn’t easy but George got it done. Working with City Staff and with the support of the entire Council and State Delegation, George’s proposal was signed into State Law by Gov. Baker in the last few days of his term.

BlIthewood Playground Grand Opening

George Russell joins community leaders and residents to celebrate the opening of a playground in District 3



George Russell has worked with District wide Neighborhood Crime Watch groups to make sure all City Departments and staff address the needs of our area.

He advocated to make sure Grafton, Vernon and Union Hills got the same Foot Patrols and other Public Safety efforts as other sections of the City received. When Grafton Hill Businesses saw an increase of robberies George Russell brought State & City Officials as well as Community Police Officers to meet Business Owners at his personal office to share information and address the problem.

George organized a neighborhood meeting in Quinsig Village to review and support the redevelopment of the US Steel building with the commitment to add about 300 new jobs for Worcester residents.

George has worked with the Congressman, the Mayor, and the City Manager to utilize Federal  Funding  for a make-over of the infrastructure on Union Hill.

George was honored to join other Greenwood Landfill Task Force members recently to unveil the new Greenwood Park.  Over 3 million dollars was invested here mostly because of Neighborhood Members, and many other City officials working together with George to get the needed funding to prioritize this Park.

He helped secure funding needed to complete the construction of the mostly Federal Funded Visitor’s Center to be constructed in Quinsigamond Village. George helped form a Business Association in Quinsigamond Village and pushed to make the Walmart Way direction signs also show the way to Quinsigamond Village small businesses.

George worked with Lake Ave area residents as well as CSX & State Officials to lessen the negative impact of noise from trains and facilities. It was George’s idea to install a large MassPike sign directing trucks to Rt. 290 and away from Grafton Hill. With State Rep Donahue’s advocacy, this sign has saved hundreds, if not thousands of trucks from disrupting our quality of life.

On College Hill George helps to improve the quality of life for both the neighbors and Holy Cross students. He attends regular HC Alliance meetings of City Department representatives,   and residents to address any problems.

George has supported increases in funding for our schools as well as construction of new schools.

As Past Chairman of the Committee on Rules, George Russell’s leadership has helped City Government now be more open and easier for Citizens to address the Council. George pushed to hold Big Banks responsible for vacant and abandoned foreclosed houses. He pushed for the City to use Local Banks and stop doing business with Big Banks that do not respect our neighborhoods.

It is easier for small businesses to grow and hire more employees now. George was the lead Council sponsor to change the Outdoor Dining Rules so restaurants can serve outside no matter what time off the year it is as long as weather is good. He was also lead sponsor to restructure parking lot approvals to cut some “red tape.” He also lead the effort to restore a property owner’s rights to place political signs on their property as they see fit.

George Russell stood up to interest groups from the Left as they sought the Council’s endorsement to raise taxes. And he also stood up to other interest groups from the Right when they sought to continue unfair advantage at the expense of the City on the Government TV Channel.

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